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Light weight for all parts of the automobile has been an ongoing challenge for the industry and has accelerated due to the global trend towards electric vehicles (EV). Advancell is the key factor for overcoming the challenges of weight reduction by providing specified grades optimized for the required automotive part and usage.

1. Light Weight

Reducing weight of the end product is always a challenge but necessary for minimizing costs and improving the handling. Advancell takes pride in being able to achieve lighter weight in a uniform consistency.

2. Durability at High Temperatures

Advancell has lineups that work under a range of temperatures. This is an advantage for end products that require processing in especially high temperatures.

3. Compatibility with Various Carrier Materials

Advancell is compatible with a variety of base materials including PVC, EPDM, TPV, and PP in order to create unique new materials and products.

Sealing Material

Combined with a variety of rubber-based materials under high temperature processing, Advancell is the best choice for light weight of automotive sealing material such as glass-run channels and weather strips.

Recommended Grades: EML101, EM306, P504E1, Development Grades

UBC Coating

Advancell’s durability enables usage in under body coating (UBC) to minimize the sound caused by the lower body parts of automobiles when driving.

Recommended Grades: EMH204

Interior Material

Advancell provides advantages such as lower weight, cost savings, uniformed closed cell structure, improved sealing properties, narrow specifications along profile when compared to CBA, and a more stable foaming process, which all contribute to a superior surface appearance for interior materials.

Recommended Grades: P501E1, P504E1, Development Grades

Synthetic Leather

Advancell’s compatibility with base materials ensures a luxurious, matte appearance, and uniformed finish for the car interior.

Recommended Grades: EHM303, EM504, Development Grades

Rubber Gasket

Advancell can be used to enhance the barrier between two objects, such as two metals or chemicals. It does so by improving sealing effects, enhancing compression sets, and filling voids between matching surfaces to secure the mechanical seal for leak prevention of gas and liquids.

Recommended Grades: EM306, EMH204

Car Mat

Other than the required properties such as lower weight and anti-slip effect, Advancell contributes to the luxurious matte finish of car mats.

Recommended Grades: EM307, EM406


Advancell offers a unique single solution for spot welding paste sealing applications to minimize the noise and vibration in a moving vehicle by securing these properties and contributing to necessary density adjustments. 

Recommended Grades: EMH204

Rubber Belt

Commonly used for material handling and light to medium duty power transmission, this belting has a textured rubber cover on both sides for gripping material. Advancell can be utilized on the top layer for anti-slipping and enhancing durability to constant friction.

Recommended Grades: EM403