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Manufacturing lightweight automobile parts is an ongoing challenge for the industry. The global trend toward adopting electric vehicles (EVs) has only accelerated this need.

Advancell is key to achieving lighter-weight parts — we provide specialized grades that we optimize for specific automobile items and uses. 

1. Light Weight

Reducing the end product’s weight is challenging, but it’s necessary to minimize costs and improve handling. Advancell is proud of achieving lighter weight with uniform consistency.

2. Durability at High Temperatures

Advancell works under a range of temperatures. This durability is a clear advantage for end products requiring processing at very high temperatures.

3. Compatibility With Carrier Materials

Advancell is compatible with an array of base materials, including PVC, EPDM, TPV and PP. In turn, manufacturers can create unique new materials and products.

Sealing Materials

Advancell is ideal for lightweight automotive sealing materials (such as glass-run channels and weather strips) when combined with rubber-based materials under high-temperature processing.

Recommended Grades: EML101, EM306, P504E1, Development Grades

UBC Coating

Advancell’s durability allows manufacturers to use it in underbody coating (UBC) to minimize the noise that lower-body automobile parts make when running.

Recommended Grades: EMH204

Interior Materials

Advancell offers multiple advantages: lower weight, cost savings, a uniform closed-cell structure, excellent sealing properties, narrower specifications than CBA along the profile and a more stable foaming process. These features all contribute to a superior surface appearance for interior automobile materials.

Recommended Grades: P501E1, P504E1, Development Grades

Synthetic Leather

Advancell’s compatibility with various base materials ensures a luxurious matte appearance and a uniform finish in automobile interiors.

Recommended Grades: EHM303, EM504, Development Grades

Rubber Gaskets

Manufacturers can use Advancell to optimize the barrier between two objects, such as two metals or chemicals. It does so by improving sealing effects, enhancing compression sets and filling voids between matching surfaces to secure mechanical gas seals and prevent liquid leaks.

Recommended Grades: EM306, EMH204

Car Mats

Advancell contributes required properties like lower weight and anti-slip properties to car mats, as well as a luxurious matte finish.

Recommended Grades: EM307, EM406

Anti-Flutter Materials

Advancell offers a unique single solution for spot-welding paste sealing applications. It minimizes noise and vibration in moving vehicles by securing these properties and contributing to density adjustments. 

Recommended Grades: EMH204

Rubber Belts

This type of belt has a textured rubber cover on both sides for gripping material and is common in material handling and light- to medium-duty power transmission. Manufacturers can use Advancell on the belt’s top layer for nonslip properties and greater durability under constant friction.

Recommended Grades: EM403