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Providing comfort, longevity and a high weight-to-strength ratio, Advancell microspheres offer chemical compatibility and uniform expansion for a variety of practical materials. Sekisui has a history of experience in lifestyle and daily goods, developing new innovative products for the consumer industry.

1. Light Weight

Reducing weight of the end product is always a challenge but necessary for minimizing costs and improving the handling. Advancell takes pride in being able to achieve lighter weight in a uniform consistency.

2. Durability at High Temperatures

Advancell has lineups that work under a range of temperatures. This is an advantage for end products that require processing in especially high temperatures.

3. Compatibility with Various Carrier Materials

Advancell is compatible with a variety of base materials including PVC, EPDM, TPV, and PP in order to create unique new materials and products.

Shoe Soles

Advancell’s compatibility with a variety of resins such as PVC, TPE, and EVA leads to not only weight reduction but also better appearance, comfort, and durability in shoe soles for the end customer and ease of processing for the manufacturer.

Synthetic Cork

Advancell offers advantages required for wine corks, such as tight sealing, elasticity and consistency in the expansion for injection molding. It also provides density and elasticity improvements depending on the requirements.

Thermal Paper

Advancell offers a variety of workable temperature zones depending on the requirement along with a sharp expansion to support the limited heat exposure of thermal paper.

Light Weight Clay

Advancell enables control in the density and lightness of the clay and is compatible with inks to produce a variety of colors.

Expansion Ink

Advancell enables possibilities for texture, appearance, and the “feel” of ink applied to fabric surfaces.