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Advancell microspheres offer chemical compatibility and uniform expansion for many practical materials. Our Advancell grades also lend comfort, longevity and a high weight-to-strength ratio to an array of products.

SEKISUI has extensive experience in lifestyle and daily goods, and we consistently develop innovative products for the consumer industry.

1. Light Weight

Reducing the end product’s weight is challenging, but it’s necessary to minimize costs and improve handling. Advancell is proud of achieving lighter weight with uniform consistency.

2. Durability at High Temperatures

Advancell works under a range of temperatures. This is a clear advantage for end products needing processing at very high temperatures.

3. Compatibility With Carrier Materials

Advancell is compatible with an array of base materials, including PVC, EPDM, TPV and PP. This feature allows manufacturers to create unique new materials and products.

Shoe Soles

Advancell’s compatibility with a variety of resins, such as PVC, TPE and EVA, produces multiple advantages. The combined features include weight reduction as well as comfort, durability and a better appearance in shoe soles for end customers — and lead to easier processing for manufacturers.

Synthetic Corks

Advancell offers advantages for wine corks, such as tight sealing, elasticity and expansion consistency for injection molding. It also improves density and elasticity, depending on the product’s requirements.

Thermal Paper

Advancell offers multiple workable temperature zones (depending on the product’s requirements), as well as sharp expansion to support thermal paper’s limited heat exposure.

Lightweight Clay

Advancell lends control to clay’s density and lightness. It’s also compatible with inks to allow for a rainbow of colors.

Expansion Inks

Advancell enhances the many possibilities for texture, appearance and ink’s feel on fabric surfaces.