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Building Materials

Advancell offers solutions for many building materials, including adhesives, coatings and composites.

SEKISUI is committed to securing Advancell’s consistency, versatility and superior quality. These core features create opportunities for numerous formulations and applications.

1. Light Weight

Reducing the end product’s weight is challenging, but it’s necessary to minimize costs and improve handling. Advancell is proud of achieving lighter weight with uniform consistency.

2. Durability at High Temperatures

Advancell works under a range of temperatures. This durability is a clear advantage for end products needing processing at very high temperatures.

3. Compatibility With Carrier Materials

Advancell is compatible with an array of base materials, including PVC, EPDM, TPV and PP. In turn, manufacturers can create unique new materials and products.

PVC Wallpaper

Advancell designs grades that provide a smooth, consistent finish for applications needing a high-quality appearance.

PVC Flooring

Advancell’s distinct structure secures expansion and durability, so manufacturers can use it with flooring materials like luxury vinyl tile (LVT).

Synthetic Wood

Manufacturers can use Advancell grades with many base plastics to create composites like synthetic wood.

Sandwich Panels

Advancell’s unified expansion ensures light weight and produces uniform thermal insulation throughout sandwich panels, resulting in top-quality products.

Hoses and Tubing

Manufacturers can apply Advancell to industrial hoses and heavy machinery tubing to minimize weight and maintain compatibility during extrusion.

Adhesive Tape

Advancell can adjust tape’s adhesion layer, which leads to lower costs and durable tape products.

Foam Tape

Advancell can produce key features such as cushioning and heat insulation for premier foam tape.