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High Durability ADVANCELL

Expanding the Possibilities

Better Shell Means Better Strength

The new High Durability ADVANCELL features an improved shell, which enables better expansion characteristics and increased strength. It is manufactured using our patented expansion-stage cross-link technology and brings new possibilities to expandable microspheres.

This product offers superb durability, especially in situations when conventional expandable microspheres collapse. Because the shells harden and increase strength during expansion, ADVANCELL can be used in a broader array of uses than ever before.

The master batch grade, P701T1 is manufactured using a patented specialized base resin. This enables excellent density as well as compatibility with thermoplastic elastomers.

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Superb Expansion Performance

High Durability ADVANCELL has a weight-reducing property that achieves the same specific gravity as a conventional microsphere without requiring the same amount.

Improved capability can be achieved by using a patented specialized base resin, displaying excellent surface appearance even at low specific gravity.

ADVANCELL’s increased shell strength during expansion enables a broader process range to obtain a targeted specific gravity.

Master Batch Grade P701T1e
Expansion Start Temperature (Ts, °C) 165-185°C
Maximum Expansion Temperature (Tmax, °C) 180-200°C